In This Town.

the true face of the average Kenyan man

Living My Childhood Dreams.

Holidays in Kenya and the world over are a time for people to pull back their recliners and relax, taking a layover from pursuits of life and the magic that comes with it. They are the days that are marked multiple times on the calendar almost wearing out the paper just because of many a plan we have in mind. A day out at the mall chugging milkshakes and pineapple pizza (I know!) or having a biking date with nature or whatever it is that we derive our happiness from. The list spans pages.

โ€ขThe struggle.

With the current mind bending weather patterns and a fluctuating economy, all we want is a break from the predominant cycle of life. A cycle that involves waking up as early as 3 Oโ€™clock in the morning with aim of beating traffic (that always seems to win), having to deal with alternate routes becauseโ€ฆ

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