Freelancing is tough and I have not yet met anyone who can tell me any differently. It’s tough getting freelancing jobs. It’s hard work doing the research and actually creating content worth reading (my main job) or doing repetitive, dull data entry jobs.

But, for me, the hardest part isn’t finding the jobs; it’s finding the right client. A client that regards me as a professional; one that respects my time and my input. One that I enjoy working with time and time again, and I actually look forward to our next project together.

Why is it so hard finding such clients? Probably because many think they own you when they hire you as a freelancer. Majority also tend to think of you as disposable without realising how much of an asset you are to their business.

This week has been a trying one and the biggest lesson I have learned is how to pick the right clients.

I have had to fire two major clients this week because they were not treating me right. It reached a point where I felt as if I was in abusive relationships.

Please don’t get me wrong. The pay was okay and there was no verbal use. We have being working together for months and everything was rosy in the beginning.

However, I started noticing that they were not respecting my time or efforts. The goalposts kept changing and my Productivity was declining each day as a result.

I constantly told myself that I should withstand the mental abuse because I need the money.

Well, not anymore. After a small meeting with myself, my better judgement kicked in and I realized I have too much respect for myself, my talents, and my time to be in a work situation that makes me unhappy. Hence, the decision to fire these clients.

And I think that’s one of the beauties of freelancing; doing something you are good at for people who understand your value, and calling it quits when they start acting otherwise.

Well, enjoy your weekend. I’ll be working to make up for the income gap occasioned by the firing of two major clients. But I’ll be doing so with a smile and less stress.

Have fun freelancing!



  1. This is so true! I think that this is the hardest part of being self employed. People try to take advantage of our time and efforts. It’s important to draw a line and be careful.


  2. Being able to know your limits, your value and your worth is important. Great that you were able to set boundaries and let these clients go. There will be several other great people to replace them. Best of luck!


  3. I don’t think anything that gives good money is easy. I find it easy when a client is happy meeting half way in terms of requests, tasks etc. This makes a lot of sense.


  4. It is nice when you can be selective about the people you are going to work with. Being able to communicate clearly is very important too!


  5. I’ve thought about freelancing and haven’t worked up the courage yet because I’d have to get approval from the clients. While they would hire me to write something, they don’t have to like it and I could do work that they don’t use. That seems nerve wracking to me.


  6. I can’t agree more with your decision, a client that is not valuing you or respecting you enough is not a worthy client regardless of how much they pay you. Well done.


  7. I may want to be cautious before firing the most abusive client.
    Hear me out.
    Like anyone else, when I started freelancing my skills were ok, not good.
    Then those abusive clients who asked for too much made me nitpick my work, intensity my research, and really take time on each task.
    These clients shifted my workrate from 5000 words if gibberish a day to 2000 words of content.
    Today, no client tells me that my content sucks anymore. Even those abusive folks begged me to stay where I fired them because of their low rates. Some doubled the rates and always compliment my work.
    True, some clients are really bad people.
    However, most are just hoping to find quality work. They’re hoping you can improve at the very least because they can’t afford better writers.
    Always try to work things out, and learn to work with a few horrible people. After all, there’s always that bad person just like there’s always that angel.
    In the end it’s about quality.
    Happy freelancing.


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