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There are some nights that live with you forever!

I’ve had three of those nights back to back. What makes these nights even more special is that I just turned 28 at the beginning of last week.

It’s been a beautiful week thanks to amazing football comebacks and feats that nearly everyone couldn’t imagine possible.

Liverpool vs Barcelona

Going into this match, we all thought that it would be a walkover for Barcelona. I mean the first leg of this draw was an absolute disaster for Liverpool, losing 3-0 to perhaps the greatest team of all time.

There was no coming back for Liverpool on this one. They had to know the situation was utterly hopeless as the game drew nearer. They just had to.

But, these, ladies and gentlemen, are mad men. They don’t understand the meaning of impossible.

And, there’s a saying about mad men getting to do the impossible.

This entire team is full of mad men. They dared to dream, they dared to fight, they dared to stare down this monumental obstacle that was on their path to Champions League glory, and overcome it.

You have to understand the gravity of the situation they found themselves in on the night of 7th May 2019.

I’ve already told you that they went into the match with a 3-0 disadvantage.

Barcelona had all of their star players fit and ready to slaughter the Reds. Messi, one of the main contenders of the GOAT title, showed up, ready to blow us away with his outer worldly skills.

Remember, he scored two of the three Barcelona goals in the first leg of this semi final draw. He was coming to finish the job, no doubt about that!

Coutinho and Suarez, two former Liverpool greats, were also in the Barca line-up.

Things weren’t looking so optimistic on the Liverpool side. Roberto Firminio, the man with the amazing teeth wasn’t going to play.

To make everything worse, neither was Salah! Salah, the man who almost singlehandedly brought life into a fading Liverpool team last season.

The man who almost led them to Champions League glory last year, but bad boy Sergio Ramos had other nefarious intentions.

Yes. That man, the Liverpool talisman, the gods’ gift to Premier League football would not be there to try and undo the damage done to his team in the first leg.

To make this entire situation absolutely soul crushing for Liverpool, they were and still are neck to neck with Manchester City for the Premier League title.

That means they’ve been working overtime just to stay on top.

Meanwhile, Barcelona had already won their domestic title, and had the weekend to relax.

No one was giving Liverpool time off to relax.

But, despite all of these seemingly insurmountable odds, Liverpool did it.

They won the chance to go to the final by defeating THE Barcelona, 4-3 on aggregate score.

They destroyed Barcelona in a way we haven’t seen it done before. It was truly orgasmic to watch.

My men of the match: Trent Alexander Arnold, Divock Origi, Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker and my namesake, Georginio Wijnaldum.

If there has ever been a real live football super sub in recent history, it has to be that man, Georginio (my namesake 😁😁).

And that corner kick from Trent Alexander the Arnold is an absolute masterclass from such a young player. And, let’s not forget all of the times that he stole possession from Barca players including and especially Jodi Alba.

Van Dijk is on this list because a) he gave his all in the night of question, the same way he does every night, and

b) he is soooooooooo hot. If my boyfriend and I don’t work out, I might just give Virgil a call, and see where this thing can go.

Becker made some incredible saves and kept Liverpool’s hopes alive.

And, of course Origi! Those two goals were simply sublime. And, he has Kenyan blood, so there is that.

I can’t wait to see them topple Tottenham in the final on June 1st. That is going to be another epic night.

And, I can’t wait to see Liverpool take the Premier League as well. They deserve it!

On to the next amazing night…

Tottenham vs Ajax

After that exhilarating performance by Liverpool on 7th, I was content with the level of football action I had received. I couldn’t ask for more. That would have just been selfish of me.

But, alas, the football gods must have been feeling pretty benevolent this particular week.

Tottenham managed to make a second half comeback that transformed them from underdogs to Champions League finalists.

One man Lucas Moura truly stood out in that game. He scored a hatrick within the last 41 minutes of the game to take his team to the final.

Guess you can say he’s a 41-minute type of man (a bit too long for me but I could work with it πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰).

I know, I’m nasty. Moving along swiftly…

Imagine that!

They were already three goals down by the start of the second half. There was nowhere but down for them.

And then, here comes Moura scoring a brace in less than four minutes, and adding to his night tally right at stoppage time.

Wow! If that isn’t exhilaratingly orgasmic, I don’t know what is!

Thank you Spurs for making my Wednesday night one to remember for ages to come.

I’m so proud of Moura, so so so so proud!

And now to a team that is truly close to my heart… Arsenal.

Arsenal Vs Valencia

I won’t sugarcoat it. Arsenal have been sucking balls these last few weeks. We had every opportunity to stamp our dominance in the top 4 this season, but we squandered them away, like we usually do.

But, there is hope.

We are through to the Europa finals thanks to Aubameyang’s life saving hat trick, and Lacazette’s solitary goal.

I feel like it’s been so long since we had such an amazing performance from my team. I am glad that we still got it.

And, this means we still get to go to Champions League next season, despite finishing number five on the table. Yaaaaaaaay for us!

Yeah…so I’m a pretty happy girl now! I turned 28, and the gods decided to gift me with 3 incredible football performances that absolutely blew my mind.

Cheers to many more great football nights this year, and for the rest of our lives.



(PS: Long post ahead; Barca’s misery makes me happy, hence, I have a lot to say!!)

Barcelona’s ‘global’ soccer dominance received a seismic shock on Tuesday last week when they were THROWN OUT of the Champions League competition (I was so so so happy).

It would have been less of a shock if they were dumped out of the CL by a superior team. But, let’s face it, there is hardly a team that deems itself superior to Barca let alone equal to these Spanish giants.

I am sure Roma knew they were done for the minute they were drawn against Barcelona for the CL Quarter Finals. I do not think they expected to survive the second leg let alone beat Barca on aggregate score.

They were thoroughly thrashed in the first leg with Barcelona scoring four to their measly one goal. But, they turned it all around in the second leg on Tuesday last week by beating Barcelona 3-0; the aggregate score was 4-4 and Roma went through because of the away goal rule.

It was such a rare unexpected comeback for Roma at this stage against such a team and a shockingly cruel and an unimaginable turn of events for Barcelona.Β  Just last year in the same competition at the same stage, Barca had been able to claw through PSG’s 4 goal lead from their first leg, and beat the French giants 6-5 on aggregate score in their second leg match (this was a beautiful night of football btw).

So what’s the dish? What made Barcelona go from King of the CL comeback in 2017 to the biggest victim of comebacks in 2018?

The answer is that alot contributed to their fall from grace last week, but let me start by saying that I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER liked Barcelona. (Hence, some of the views presented in this post may be slightly biased).

Their style of play, for me, is completely outdated and makes every game a drag! It is crucial to have a formation for the squad, but, let it come with some spontaneity and bring the game alive.Β Neymar, Suarez, and Messi used to bring the wow factor when they played together, but before and after this trio, it was just boring!

Arguably, they may not use tiki taka at every instance, but, come on, that is the go-to technique for that midfield (that never seems to get replaced).

I also feel like tiki taka is a bullying technique of sorts; mentally and physically for the opponents, which is fine until it becomes a tad too predictable, too domineering, and the players do not often have to think outside of the box in order to win the game. Tiki taka has curtailed their creative expression (don’t roll your eyes, it’s the truth!!).

Anyway, back to the topic. For me, the biggest reason for their poor performance last week was tired, lethargic players. Why would Barcelona have tired players when they have such a good line up sitting on the bench?

Because Valverde seems not to have learned the beautiful art of squad rotation regardless of competition or stage. His over-reliance on his top scorer is evident, and it seems he was a bit too scared to muddy the waters by experimenting with other players. I know nearly everyone considers Messi as some god (more like freak of nature), but even he deserves a break. We have barely seen the likes of Alacer, D. Suarez, and Gomes being used when it counts, and I’m sure they would have a profound impact if they are not forced to live in Messi’s shadow, were taught the ropes, and were allowed to be as creative as they want.

Another closely connected area that the Barcelona coach should have paid more attention to was substitution. The minute Barcelona were two goals down in that second leg he should have brought the other squad members in. We have already spoken about D. Suarez and Gomes up there, but the list is long. Vermaelen, Dembele and/orΒ  Paulinho could also have come in to pick up some of the slack earlier on in the game. Unfortunately (or not, depending on your side of the fence), he was making substitutions with like 10 minutes to go. Honestly, how would that help anyone?

And this business of playing defense when you should be attacking, all in the hope of protecting a lead, is not working this time round especially when you are facing a team as hungry as Roma. Go out there and score goals before they even think of making a comeback.

However, the loss (and hopefully several future losses) is not entirely Valverde’s. The board of this team seems to also be full of it when it comes to making purchase decisions (Barca and Arsenal continue to have more in common as the years drag by). Fans have accused Bartomeu and his cohorts of selling their top talent (NEYMAR!!) and purchasing expensive individuals who have not been as productive as fans would have hoped in the domestic leagues.

Here, we are talking about Coutinho and Dembele, who together cost Barcelona more than 200 million euros, but presumably only have three goals between them (but then again, it is the coach whose refusing to rotate these players, although Dembele has suffered serious injury setbacks over the season)!

And let us not forget how old their midfield is, and this Iniesta is still keeping us in the dark about whether he is retiring or not. I think if he renews that contract, I will break something (I still have beef with him over his goal against Netherlands at that World Cup final btw).

Furthermore, Messi and L. Suarez are not getting any younger with both of them in their early 30s. I am sure they still have a lot of gas, but at that age and their level of competition, that gas runs out fast!

Anyway, I wish I could definitively claim that Barca’s glory days are over. But, that is not the case. All they need to do is improve on squad rotation, and avoid exhausting their players especially the older ones. Give Coutinho (and perhaps Dembele) more time away from Messi, and he will become a regular on the score sheet. They also need to utilize the other younger players during games to give them a more hands-on experience as well as allow them to create their own magic and learn through their own mistakes, the BARCA way!

(FYI: These youngsters played really well this weekend with most of the veteran players out and they won)

(I also wanted to say that I really miss Puyol)

Finished. Done. I’m satisfied now.

Jaume Domenech-the goalkeeper with Acrobatic finesse!!

Let me begin by saying I loathe Barcelona FC. If Barca were food, they would be a mixture of bananas, green grams, peas, and carrots (foods that I absolutely hate). That’s right! I have a distinct hatred for one of the most successful clubs in history. Why the passionate dislike for the Catalonian team? Well, for starters, I don’t like how they play, especially how controlled their game is. Oftentimes, it feels predictable and lacks the kind of spontaneity I like seeing in a football match. I can equate all that passing that Barca players do in one match to using too many words to say something, or using too many sentences and ending up not saying anything meaningful.

And don’t get me started on their talisman, Messi. I usually feel that there’s just something off about him, but I cannot put my finger on it. To tell you the truth, I also find him quite uninspiring. The minute people started comparing him to the love of my life was the minute I lost complete interest in this man! He just doesn’t rock my boat like other players do.

Anyway, we are not here to talk about my feelings, there will be a time and a place for this (during my weekend rants to my dad about how much I hate Barcelona).

Today we are here to talk about the Copa Del Rey semifinal match that was played yesterday night. Did you catch it? I did, and I enjoyed bits and pieces of it.

My man of the match was one, Jaume Domenech, Valencia FC’s amazing goalkeeper. Barely eight minutes into the game, and he was called into action, ACROBATICALLY saving a Messi free kick. He was literally mid-air, stretched to the limit across the goal post, and still had the gusto to volley that ball out. It…was…wonderful!! For real, a GIF needs to be made out of this moment. Oh! You should have seen the look on Messi’s face…absolute frustration, and surprise that that did not go in. I loved it!!

And then came the 36th minute where Domenech and Messi were one on one. Diminutive Messi got hit, he got hit bad. He got a knock on the head so bad, that I winced when he came tumbling down. The pair collided, but I feel like it was Messi’s fault. He was too close to goal, and you do not back up when you are inside your opponent’s goal area and not expect the goalkeeper to have something to say about it. It had to get messy, Messi!! I was kind of shocked that there wasn’t a card or a penalty, or anything at that point. I feel like Messi always gets his way, except this time, and I breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

There were numerous other times Domenech Suarez impressed me, but what I loved was his acrobatics when saving the ball, and his confidence in within his post. I cannot say the same for the other Valencia players. It’s like everytime they approached the opponent’s goal, they would get scared. Every freaking time!

I am not a complete Barca hater, Messi did cause a tingle to go down my spine. Only once!! It was around the 29th minute. He kicked an amazing long range kick that was almost like a curveball that missed its mark only so slightly. Ai! Talk about aim!! I was so glad it didn’t go in, but I was impressed, not a lot, just a little.

And then there was that brilliant mid-field run from Iniesta near the end of the first half. That was quite impressive! Didn’t amount to much, luckily, but it was a good try!

I loved Suarez’ run at the beginning of the second half, and how he managed to weave himself through the Valencia midfielders and defense. He shot the ball across goal, and the icing on the cake was that Coutinho was right there to kick the ball into the back post of Valencia’s net. Isn’t that sweet? But, honestly, I am really really happy that Coutinho saw goal yesterday! I hope this is the beginning of the end of Messi’s era. Speaking of which, did you catch the rumors about a certain Chinese team wanting to sign Messi? I know it won’t go through, but a girl has the right to hope (pray, fast and do some voodoo chants as well).

Even though Valencia did not go through to the finals, they really impressed me. They have an awesome goalkeeper, and they created amazing chances. They just had a bit of a confidence problem going for goal. Barcelona was, for me, not a delight to watch as usual, except for a few dazzling moments here and there. I do have to point out that even with all the possession and theatrics, Barca was getting kind of confused near their opponent’s goal post, otherwise, we would have seen many other goals.

Now, we just have to sit back and wait for the Copa Del Rey final between Barcelona and Sevilla FC on 21st of April. I want Sevilla to win, obviously!!

What was Your best moment of the match and who do you think will be the next Copa kings? Be sure to subscribe, and leave a comment below with your opinion!! You can also give me a shout here, here, and here.

PS: I do not know what’s going on in the Barcelona locker room, but, y’all need to shave your stubbles!! It’s not a pretty sight at all, well, except for Suarez. You look rugged and handsome, but the rest of you, don’t. So, please shave!!