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Hands up, beautiful people, if like me you thought Arsenal would lose this game!

I mean we were 2-0 down as we neared the end of the first half. I know this is football, and anything can happen, but, remember this is Arsenal, and overturning a lead of two or more goals in just one half has not always been our strong suit.

What I am trying to say is that we are not wonder-kids like the Manchester United of old, who would go down in the first half by multiple goals, but come back blazing in the second half, overturn the goal difference and actually win the game.

The game ended in a draw much to our relief. But, was it because of our fighting spirit or did Tottenham, out of hubris, fail to do enough to cling to their lead?

I think it was a mix of both, plus a little bit of luck for the Gunners.

Tottenham was initially out to win this game. They looked in-form, focused, and driven to get the maximum points, hence the two goals they were able to produce in the first half of their match against the Gunners.

Their display in the first half did not have a semblance of the broken spirit that has marked Spurs’ rocky start to the season.

Before last week’s London derby, they had only managed one win this season against Aston Villa, a draw against Manchester City, and a shocking loss to Newcastle. They were not looking like the title contenders that they normally look at this stage of the season.

Even their coach was not looking too happy during the first three games, to a point people were now comparing him to the ever-grumpy Mourinho when he was at the helm of Manchester United.

But, that all seemed to change in the first half of that Arsenal game.

  • There was pace and urgency on the counter

The Spurs’ counter was lethal in that first half in terms of pace, passing, and making shots on target.

Their very first counter-attack of the first half came in the 10th minute, and it resulted in a goal by Ericksen.

The pressure did not stop there as Leno had to produce two fine saves shortly after, from both Eriksen and Son, as Spurs continued to run riot on the counter.

  • Their connections were better

One major complaint against Spurs by their manager after that disastrous 1-0 loss to Newcastle was that his players were not connecting right, which means fewer chances were being created.

In their next match, in the first half at least, they sought to improve that. For instance, the build-up saw an excellent pass from Son to Lamela as the counter gained momentum. Lamela shot towards goal with just the right amount of power to have Leno spill the ball, right into the path of the menacing Christensen. All the latter had to do was simply tap the ball in, and voila, an early lead for the visitors.

Numerous well-executed connections followed after that, but, none as successful as that first one.

  • Their defense was awake

In that first half, Danny Rose was looking impossible to get past. Just ask Pepe, who try as he could, was not able to get anything past him.

This was definitely a more alert Rose than his display against Newcastle in the previous match.

Yes, I know he did get a yellow card, but it was all in the line of duty!

  • They took advantage of the opponent’s blunders

When our team blundered, Spurs milked it for all its worth. That first goal was a poor display of what is supposed to be ‘premier defending’ by our backline, and I am sure Leno could have done much more from keeping that ball from going in.

Leno would have also been caught off-guard in the 36th’ yet again when he let the save from Kane‘s 25yard shot spill back into Son’s path. Terrible, terrible, just terrible! The same mistake that led to the first goal.

The second for Spurs was as a result of Xhaka’s outrageous challenge on Son within the penalty area. When will Xhaka learn? When?


Lucky for us, Lacazette and Pepe were working their behinds off at the other end of the pitch. These two engineered our comeback into the game with Lacazette taking Pepe’s pass, creatively flooring Vertonghen, and shooting one past Lloris.

We definitely didn’t see that coming.

From that goal, into the second half, a new, inspired, rejuvenated Arsenal emerged. Here’s what we did right, and the Spurs did wrong in that second half:

  • We pushed hard, and Tottenham let us do it

From the very start of the second half, we pushed…hard! One minute into the second half, and Laca was already threatening goal after latching onto a cross from Maitland-Niles.

Lloris did well to save that one, but two minutes later, he gave Aubamayeng a clear chance to score, were it not for a last-ditch effort of a challenge on our last season’s top scorer by one of the Spurs’ defenders.

The action did not stop there as we saw Lacazette, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, and Aubameyeng, relentlessly picking up the ball, and shooting it towards goal. Lloris was having an incredibly tough time trying to keep it together under all of this pressure.

Tottenham’s attempt at playing from the back was going horrendously wrong, and this had to be the liveliest of performances I have seen from our attack this season.

We were all over Tottenham in that second half, and one could barely breathe with all of the activity going on in the Spurs half for those 45+ minutes.

  • Leno was more alert

Finally, this man’s head was in the game. But, yes, he had a little help from the post as one of Kane’s attempt in the 59th was bound to be a goal, and there would be nothing our goalkeeper could do about it.

  • Guendouzi was brilliant

Enough said! This young maestro is the glue that holds our midfield together. I wish Xhaka could learn a thing or two from this youngster. His game was so good last Saturday that he has been called up to the France national squad in preparation for the Euro 2020.

  • Our passing at the front was glorious

…leaving Tottenham’s defense completely outclassed.

Guendouzi’s magnificent cross into the box in the 70th minute, leaves defenders scrambling, and Aubamayeng is right there to deliver an inspired poke into the opponent’s net.

Kolasinac, Sokratis, Auba, Mikhi, and Pepe were going ham at the opponent’s defense, out-maneuvering them with impressive passes, crosses, and shots towards goal.


So exciting! What an exhilarating half! What a time to be a living, breathing, Arsenal fan.

But, as usual, we did make a few mistakes in that second half as well.

  • Xhaka is a problem child

That yellow he received in the dying minutes of the game just continues to prove how much of a burden this midfielder is shaping up to be.

Yes, his indiscipline on the pitch is giving Arsenal issues.

Yes, Guendouzi is a much better midfielder.

Yes, it is in our freaking best interest to sell him even to the lowest bidder.

I foresee him costing us dearly this season, just like the last one. Let’s just hope Emery gives him less playing time for the sake of our collective sanity.

  • Sokratis loses his head under pressure

Sokratis does not work well under intense pressure, and his challenge against Winks and Kane in the late minutes of the game would have undone all of the work that Laca, Pepe, Guendouzi, Kolasinac, Auba, and Leno had done to keep us in this game.

In future games, I would prefer him to be subbed the minute the game goes into high tempo, otherwise, we are looking at laughable defeats over the next few months.


It’s Arsenal vs Watford next Sunday, while Tottenham is up against Crystal Palace. Let’s just wait and see who gets to drop points next week.

Tigoi na wega!


The 186th North London Derby_ Arsenal's Revival; Spurs Undoing









Here’s a video I made on Mourinho’s grumpiness last season:




Frank Lampard has finally managed his first win as head coach for Chelsea, and that is a major cause for celebration.

I might not be a big fan of Chelsea, but I love and admire Lampard, and it’s great watching him taste some bit of success after nearly everyone wrote him off i.e. Mourinho (the used-to-be special one).

The Blues have had a torrid start to the season, having lost four goals to nil in their opening match against Manchester United, and then drawing with Leicester at Stamford Bridge. To add chaos and depression to injury, they managed to lose to Liverpool in the UEFA Super Cup Final just days after their loss to the Red Devils.

But, as we all know, bad times do not last forever, and finally, the Blues have something to smile about.

Going into this game, Chelsea was the obvious favorite against a team that has just been recently promoted from the EFL. However, Norwich put up a damn good fight, managing two goals against the EPL heavyweight.

Chelsea might have won this game, but Norwich did not take it lying down. Both teams were fired up, and this was a true battle for the 3 points. I don’t think Chelsea were ready for such a spirited fight from Norwich.

So, which players caught my eye in this game?

We’ll start with some of the Norwich players that were super incredible in my humblest of opinions. They are going up against West Ham next, and these will be the players to look out for:

  • Pukki

To say that this man has been incredible since the start of the season would be a serious understatement of his contribution to his team’s progress so far.

He now has five goals to his name; one from his team’s match against Liverpool, three from Norwich’s match against Newcastle, and one from their match against Chelsea last Saturday.

He is currently the EPL’s top scorer, and that is very impressive from a player whose team stands at number 17 at the moment. He is tied at the top of the goal-scoring list with Raheem Sterling.

To put it in even better context, he has more goals than our lead striker, Aubamayeng, and yet, we are currently number 3.

Pukki is now the 10th player to have scored in the first three games of the Premier League.

Remember, he was also the top scorer in the Championship last season.

His goal against Chelsea was so sublime and effortless, a marvelous beaut!

He is a goal-scoring hero in the making, and I hope he’ll help his team bring down some big clubs, EXCEPT Arsenal of course.

But, as his teammates will attest, he brings more than just goals to Norwich. He is a nightmare for the opponent’s central backs, and he is the main charge when it comes to his team’s high press mode of football.

Norwich City v Newcastle United - Premier League

Let’s see how effective he will be against West Ham.

  • Todd Cantwell

There is no denying it, Norwich players have improved their game significantly from before their promotion, and one Todd Cantwell is sufficient proof of that.

In this first three games for Norwich in the EPL, he has scored one goal, and provided two assists. That is equal to his total contributions in 24 appearances in the EFL last season.

That’s a tremendous improvement!



Now, we move to Chelsea, and kudos to Lampard for having faith in the youngsters in his squad, and giving them a chance to shine! They are going up against Sheffield United next, and these will be the players to watch out for:

  • Mason Mount

Here is one youngster who had an incredible game. He scored the second goal for Chelsea, his second of the season.

His overall play was calm and confident. He kept pushing for a goal and posed a constant threat for the Norwich defenders. Five shots at goal is no small feat, plus he made some crucial passes that amped Chelsea’s attack.

The only downside was the knock he acquired towards the end of the match. Hopefully, he’ll be fit for their upcoming match.

  • Tammy Abraham

I’m still not used to seeing this youngster in Chelsea’s starting line-up, but credit to him for taking every opportunity to prove that he deserves a spot in the starting XI.

He scored a brace for Chelsea, his first and second goals for his team, bringing back a glimmer of hope for all Chelsea fans. His brace makes him the youngest Chelsea player to score twice in a match since 1998.

It’s going to be interesting to see how his confidence shapes up as the season continues, and whether he can replicate his performance in upcoming games.

And, anyone who’s made racist remarks against this young man should feel very ashamed of themselves!




But, curiously enough, it took him two hours to provide a urine sample to drug testers after the game. I wonder what’s that all about…

…anyway, moving on swiftly…

  • Matteo Kovacic

Impressive form in midfield and he’s shown great skill in going forward, something he was not quite good at last season. Kovacic was able to step up in the absence of Ng’olo Kante, which are indeed very big shoes to fill.

He picked up an assist against Norwich, and I know going forward, the team is going to rely on him significantly more.

He has something to prove after a lackluster performance last season, hence, the Croatian is someone to look out for in future matches.


Good luck to both teams, especially Norwich, in their next games.

I’ll be watching!